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Using PAS 2035 framework online

No need to remember another password

Accessing PAS 2035 framework Online couldn’t be simpler – from the first time you click on your unique URL you’ll be logged straight into your dashboard and can start using the specification right away. There are no usernames and passwords to remember: all you need is the unique URL you received when you purchased PAS 2035 framework. Bookmarking the site will make access even faster.

You can also access the site at If you have cookies enabled, the system will automatically recognize you and log you in.

If cookies are disabled, you can enter your email address at and we’ll send you a reminder of your personalized URL.

This access URL is for your own personal, individual use. Circulating this URL will breach the terms and conditions of your licence agreement and put you at risk of loss of access and prosecution. BSI monitors usage of all individual accounts.

Access codes and unique URLs

If you’ve received an access code instead of a personalized URL, you’ll need to register your name, company and email address so that we can set up your account. Just go to and complete the registration form. You’ll immediately receive an email containing your unique URL.

Your personal details

Telling us your name and company will help us to ensure that only you have access to your subscription. These details will appear as a watermark when you download your PDF, and are also displayed on your dashboard.

Your licence grants you 12 months’ access following purchase. To ensure that you enjoy an uninterrupted service, you can renew within the last month; however, if you want to repurchase the standard at a later date, you can do so through the BSI Shop at any time. PAS 2035 framework Online will remember who you are, restore your preferences, and allow you to pick up where you left off.

Using PAS 2035 framework Online

My sections

PAS 2035 framework Online enables internal bookmarking of the sections of the standard which are most relevant to you. Clicking on the star icon next to the title of the section you’re viewing adds that section to “My sections”, so that you access your content quickly from the dashboard. You can also add to “My sections” directly from the table of contents.

Clicking “Print my sections” will prepare a print-friendly version of “My sections”.

Help on this

We will soon be adding expert commentary, written by Peter Rickaby, to the website. The commentary will explain the changes from the 2014 edition and help you implement the standard


The PAS 2035 framework Online dashboard displays the full table of contents included in PAS 2035 framework, with links straight to those sections. Elsewhere on the site the contents are displayed on the left hand panel. Some sections are expandable – just click to view.


Use the search box at the top of the page to search for terms across the entirety of PAS 2035 framework, or just within your sections (see “My sections”, above).


You can download the full standard using the button at the top left of the screen. This will create a watermarked PDF which you can save to your device and print a single copy off for your personal use.